• Louvre private tours

    Louvre private tours

    Why join the crowd when you can have your own tailored private tour of the Louvre Museum? Louvre museum Private tours

  • Versailles private tour

    Versailles private tour

    Discover how a boy King became the Sun King, and Marie Antoinette's playground in her farm village in the gardens and palace of Versailles. Versailles Palace private tour

  • Notre Dame & Sainte Chapelle tours

    Notre Dame & Sainte Chapelle tours

    Discover the architecture wonder of Notre Dame cathedral, and let your eyes be dazzled by a real jewel: the Sainte Chapelle. Notre Dame & Sainte Chapelle

  • Orsay Museum private tour

    Orsay Museum private tour

    Impressionism was the great artistic revolution of the 19th century: discover why colorful images of gentle sunday afternoons received so much scorn. Impressionism - Orsay private tour

  • Rodin Museum private tour

    Rodin Museum private tour

    Rodin did revolutionize sculpture the way the Impressionists did to painting. Discover the wonder of transforming plaster into life, in bronze or marble. Musée Rodin private tour

  • Paris walking tours

    Paris walking tours

    The best way to discover the squares, buildings and churches that tell the history of Paris is on foot. Discover Paris on foot

  • testimonials

    Tours testimonials

    Our tours according to the people who did an art journey with us. Read our reviews

Join us in an artistic journey travelling through 9000 years, from Pharaohs to Picasso, discovering painters and sculptors with our Louvre private tours and Louvre evening tours.