Private Louvre evening guided visit

Why join the crowd when you can have a private evening tour of the Louvre museum
and discover the hidden treasures of the Louvre ?

The Louvre Museum is one of the largest museums in the world, but can sometimes feel overwhelming and crowded.

But when night falls this immense palace suddendly becomes an almost intimate place, where discovering small rooms filled with countless treasures, quietness and darkness outside makes us feel, with our Louvre evening tour, like walking into a very impressive private art collection. Which is exactly what it used to be, the private art collection of French Kings!

If you have a particular artist, era or subject that interests you, don't hestitate to ask.

To give a sense of scale, since the Louvre is 9 miles of corridors: aiming to see every item displayed at the Louvre museum for one minute, 8 hours a day would take nearly 3 months... This is why the tour is about 4 hours, to get a chance to discover some of those treasures!

To get inspiration as to what wa are able to see, visit the Louvre treasures page.

During an evening tour of the Louvre, not only there are less visitors, but we may end up with a magical moment, alone with some of the world's greatest treasures.
Other museums, for example the musée d'Orsay, open at night on Thursdays, so our musée d'Orsay evening tour is a perfect addition to the Louvre visit, from Antiquity till the 19th century, then at Orsay with Impressionism.

Discovering the Louvre museum at night with us will be a journey travelling through thousands of years and across most of the world.

Private Louvre evening tour

Louvre private evening tour

To discover the Louvre at night with a private, qualified guide, do not hesitate to contact us for availability.

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