Notre Dame cathedral private guided visit

"The city was made of pure gold, as pure as glass.
The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone."
Discover a building made of light and precious stones with our Sainte Chapelle private tour

The Middle Age is caricatured as being a Dark Age, the word Gothic in itself disparaging, meaning "made by Goths", as if made by barbarians... We will show you at Notre Dame cathedral and the Sainte Chapelle how the age of the medieval cathedrals was instead one of mankind's greatest accomplishments.

The name of the genius who designed it has sadly been forgotten, but we will discuss what makes the medieval cathedrals of France so special. Even using a heavy material, stone, the building is full of space and light, a sort of medieval skyscraper. A work of such ambition it did survive wars and the Revolution and is likely to last millenia.

Wonder at the ambition and genius of the architects of Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle.

Near Notre Dame is a small building, almost hidden from the passerby. A treasure called the Sainte Chapelle. A lot more than a Royal chapel, it should really be on the list of the most unique and impressive buildings in the world.

If a building can be called a gem, then the Sainte Chapelle is the one, since it literally is a jewellery box of light and colour, the culmination of the quest for weightlessness, and the embodiment of divine light through stained glass windows.

We will discuss what makes the Sainte Chapelle unique while being in awe at the wonder of light.

Notre Dame cathedral private tour

Notre Dame & Sainte Chapelle private tour

These two monuments are likely to ignite your interest in medieval art, good news, we can also take you to the medieval treasures of the Louvre with our Louvre private tour or the nearby Cluny museum tour and a forgotten but amazing treasure, the Saint Denis Basilica where most of French Kings are buried... Please contact us for availability.

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