Louvre museum private guided tour

Why join the crowd when you can have a genuine private tour of the Louvre museum
and discover the hidden treasures of the Louvre ?

It took over 800 years for the Louvre to become the great Museum it is today, so why rush? With your own private party of up to 5 people, our Louvre private tour is tailored for you, your wishes and your rythm.

It will not be a lecture or a description of what you see, but instead a conversation making you appreciate why those works are rare and special.

Instead of getting lost in the 9 miles of corridors of the Louvre, or having a tour based on a handful of famous artworks, you will not only discover the highlights but the places where treasures are hidden from the hurried visitor. More importantly, you will understand what you see!

To get a sense of the Louvre size : aiming to see every item displayed for one minute, 8 hours a day would take nearly 3 months! For ideas of possible choices visit our Louvre treasures page.
This is why our private tour of the Louvre lasts about 4 hours, to get a chance to discover properly its treasures! And you are welcome to request in advance any particular artist, subject or era you wish to see.

Discovering the Louvre museum with us will be a journey travelling through thousands of years from Egypt and Mesopotamia to the 19th century.

Louvre museum Near Easten Antiquities private guided tours

Louvre museum private tour

To discover the Louvre with a private, officially qualified guide, do not hesitate to contact us for availability.

The Louvre museum can also be discovered at night, with our private evening Louvre tour.

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