Rodin Museum private guided tour

Think life was hard for the Impressionists at the start of their career ? What about one of the greatest geniuses of sculpture being refused entry to the Beaux Arts School three times ?

Having been repeatedly told he wasn't good enough, Rodin had to make a living carving doorways, like a mere craftman. At 40 years of age, he finally received an official commission, the recognition needed to be seen, at last, as an artist !

"Where did I learn to understand sculpture? In the woods by looking at the trees, along roads by observing the formation of clouds, in the studio by studying the model, everywhere except in the schools." - Rodin

The visit will be a journey from rejection to consecration. How a man at first rejected could change sculpture, alone, as much as several artists, the Impressionists, did to painting. We will be in awe at a man's perseverance and creativity, wonder why he was overlooked, and why he always had a copy of Dante's Divine comedy in his pocket.

We will also mention the genius and tragic life of Camille Claudel, Rodin's assistant and mistress.

It is possible to combine the visit with the nearby Orsay museum, where other Rodin works are shown.

Rodin Camille Claudel Paris museum private guide

Rodin museum private tour

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