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Saint Denis basilica is simply one of the most important monuments of France. It is nearly 1500 years of French history, from the first King Clovis to Charlemagne to Louis XVI...
Let's enter history with our Saint Denis basilica private tour

Where can you be almost face to face with most rulers of a country, over 1500 years?

Saint Denis is the necropolis where most of the French Kings are buried. The gisants, carved figures of the deceased Kings and Queens, in marble, limestone or bronze, were deemed of such historical and artistic value that most were fortunately spared the destructions of the French Revolution, and make of the basilica a great gallery of portraits of the Kings of France.

Its construction started over 1500 years ago, the basilica built for centuries, is also in itself the history of architecture.

From the first King of France, Clovis, to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, most of French History is buried, carved or in the architecture of Saint Denis Basilica.

And that is not all, as on top of such amazing historical value, is the artistic one. Built and rebuilt many times, the basilica of Saint Denis is where Gothic architecture was invented, when walls become thin and open to reveal divine light through stained glass, making immense stone constructions appearing to be weightless.

The regalia of France, the crown, sword and accessories necessary to be crowned King were stored there, with other great treasures of medieval France.

What has survived destruction can be seen at the Louvre with our Louvre private tour, and other treasures of the Middle Ages can be discovered with our Notre Dame & Sainte Chapelle tour, and private tour of the Cluny museum.

Saint Denis necropolis of Kings private tour

Saint Denis basilica private tour

Only a few miles outside Paris and easily accessible by Metro, or by taxi. Think about combining this with another medieval tour. Please contact us for availability.

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