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Cluny - Middle Ages Museum

Private Tour

Musée Cluny private guided tour

The Lady with the unicorn tapestry.

Where else can you meet unicorns and angels, treasures of gold, stone, stained glass windows, sculpture from Notre Dame ? Discover such wonders with a private tour of the Cluny museum.

Only a few minutes walk from Notre Dame cathedral is one of the forgotten gems of Paris, the Cluny museum. A Medieval house built on top of Roman baths, at nearly 1,900 years old the largest and oldest surviving part of Roman Paris.

Today it houses artistic treasures, statues made of stone, ivory or gold, jewellery, statues from Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle.

And with a large intact surviving room of the Roman baths, the Frigidarium, allowing us to imagine how Paris in Roman days had better amenities than most people during the 19th century. Join us to decipher the great tapestry of the Lady with the Unicorn, as well as contemplate a 'genuine' unicorn horn...

This visit is ideal to combine with the discovery of Notre Dame and the Sainte Chapelle, as some of the statues that adorned them are displayed there. Also do consider a Saint Denis basilica private tour for a great medieval art day.

Art Journey Musée Cluny private guided tour

  • € 100 per person

  • Private tour for up to 5 persons.

  • Entrance tickets are extra; the minimun fee for the tour is € 200.

More Information About A Private Visit Of The Musée Cluny

To discover the Musée Cluny with a private, officially qualified guide, do not hesitate to contact us for availability.

The Musée Cluny is open every day except Tuesdays, from 9.15 am till 6 pm. While major refurbishment is ongoing, only small sections of the museum are accessible, but the Frigidarium and Unicorn are visible.

If you want to discover more about the Middle Ages, don't hesitate contact us about spending a day visiting most of the treasures of Medieval art in Paris. Depending on availability, it is possible to visit the Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame, the Tour de Jean Sans Peur, the only medieval dungeon in Paris, and one of the most important monuments of France, Saint Denis basilica.
And of course the Louvre also has a major medieval art collection, so we can discover it with our Louvre private tour

Inquire also about our forthcoming private tour of the Château de Vincennes, not only a Royal castle, but the largest dungeon anywhere in the world, to discover once and for all that dungeons are very much fit for Kings...


To inquire about a private tour of the Musée Cluny, please mention the date of the visit as well as the number of participants, using the form below, thank you.

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