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Louvre Museum
Evening Private Tour

Louvre pyramid at night during a private evening visit

Experience a relaxing visit within the 9 miles of Louvre museum galleries with an evening private tour. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

One can easily be overwhelmed by the most visited museum in the world. Enjoy the museum at its quietest and most intimate with a private evening tour of the Louvre.

A Private Evening At The Louvre Museum

Louvre Cour Carrée at night private guided tour

At night the Louvre museum quietens down and becomes intimate. The 'Cour Carrée' during the late opening. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

Most visitors get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Louvre only to end up overcome by the immensity of a museum that displays 35,000 artworks within 9 miles of corridors. Art Journey's solution is to go beyond the same famous masterpieces everyone sees and to venture into the quiet areas of the museum to discover the hidden treasures of the Louvre.

And to further go around crowds, another solution is to visit during the evening on Wednesday and Friday nights, for the late opening of the Louvre until 9 pm. With a private evening visit, in summer, the visit ends with the sunset, in winter, it starts at night...

In past visitors' own words :

The evening tour of the Louvre was a highlight of our first trip to Paris. Our guide was friendly, open to our requests, and incredibly knowledgeable about the art and the art history of the works we viewed. It was fun and enlightening talking with him. We learned so much in just 4 hours!

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful, very informative tour through The Louvre - and at night! It was just incredible to feel as if we had that beautiful, enormous place all to ourselves - thank you for the evening tour recommendation!!

Avoid Crowds While Discovering The Louvre At Night

Crowdless empty galleries of the Louvre during a night visit

Venturing within its 9 miles of corridors, an Art Journey private tour reveals the hidden treasures of the Louvre. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

There is a lot more to the Louvre than the Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, and the Mona Lisa. All the famous masterpieces are displayed in one wing of the Louvre. Yet, with three wings and three floors, entire departments of the Louvre are often nearly empty, particularly during the late opening. Our private evening visit will bring you to the quieter corners of the Louvre.

Visiting after-hours isn't the only way this private tour is unique. This is a genuine made-to-measure experience, where you are not restricted to a set list of famous artworks. What is on offer is the entire Louvre, all 35,000 artworks on display. ​You are invited to ask any artist, artwork, or department of the Louvre, any corner within 9 miles of corridors. Please ask in advance to ensure the gallery in question is visible.

I want you to know that your private night tour of the Louvre was an absolute highlight, way beyond our expectations and my wife and daughters are constantly talking about that night. As novices to the world of art, you managed to bring the history and significance of the artists showcased in the Louvre to life in the most interesting and informative way.

Your guided tour was a special experience for everyone in our family, from the first-timers in our group to those who had seen the Louvre several times before. You were able to make sure that each person found it to be an intimate and memorable experience. You even kept it interesting for the kids.

An Evening Stroll To Wonder At Millennia of Art And History

Night visit of the Louvre from the glass pyramid

​At night one can easily feel th​at the immense ​Louvre museum is like an immense private art collection. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

As we welcome requests, we strive for every visit to differ from the previous one. And what are the chances that wandering into the tranquil parts of the Louvre in the evening will be boring? A night stroll at the museum will be like traveling inside a time machine across five millennia and most of the ancient world.

It will not be a recitation but a conversation so visitors of all ages will understand what they are looking at. Everyone will wonder at the hidden treasures of the Louvre. And to ensure the best experience, the solution is to take the time, why the ideal private visit lasts around 4 hours.

Thank you also for the outstanding tour of the Louvre, and for your style of engaging us in the discussions and descriptions. I felt like I had enjoyed a semester of Art History. Your incredible knowledge of the Louvre and its treasures, combined with your ability to navigate through the exhibits efficiently, made our 4-hour tour perfect.

Thank you again for the incredible evening tour of the Louvre last week. All 4 of us enjoyed it immensely. You helped us to see the expected wonders in new ways, and debunked the common misconceptions! That was entertaining.

A Genuine Private Visit

Denon wing at night and Victory of Samothrace in the evening

​Visiting the Louvre at night is a great way to get around the crowd. The Louvre courtyard in winter and the Victory of Samothrace. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

​Imagine exploring the largest museum in the world, and the further the visit goes on, the calmer it becomes. In the evening, as the crowds start to leave, the overwhelming turns cozy, and the noise vanishes, allowing for a serene and pleasant experience in the Louvre.

What an amazing tour we had on the Night Tour of the Louvre. We enjoyed every minute, Your knowledge of the art history and of the museum is fantastic.

Thank you for the "Night Louvre Tour". I found your selection of things to see in 4 hours and your commentary, observations and philosophy to be entertaining, interesting, and of very high quality.

Louvre Evening Private Tour

A private museum tour on Wednesday and Friday evenings, led by an officially licensed art historian guide.

1 to 2 people - 400 €

3 people - 550 €

4 people - 650 €

5 people - 700 €

Family (two adults, up to 3 children) - 450 €

The fee includes personalized Louvre entrance tickets with a time slot reservation guaranteeing access to the museum.

The private evening tour lasts about 4 hours. The Louvre closes at 9 pm, meaning the museum galleries shut at 8.30 pm, so it is recommended to start at 4.30 pm at the latest.


To inquire about booking a late opening private tour of the Louvre museum, on a Wednesday or Friday night, please mention the date of the visit as well as the number of participants, using the form below, thank you.

Practical Information About An Evening Private Tour Of The Louvre Museum

​Avoiding crowds in the Louvre - It is unrealistic to expect to have the world's most visited museum all to oneself. Yet, while most visitors converge toward the same famous masterpieces, all located in the same wing, the other two wings of the Louvre remain nearly empty, particularly during the out of hours evening opening, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays.

After all, there are 9 miles of corridors across three separate wings, spread over 400 rooms and three floors. Having long realized that most foreign visitors only get to visit the Louvre once in their lives, we want to make sure they can experience the quieter corners of the Louvre.​ To walk off the beaten path and enjoy the least visited areas of the museum and the hidden treasures of the Louvre.

VIP experience - What does VIP even mean? Does it mean being driven in a luxurious car? What is exclusive in being railroaded onto the same path inside the Louvre as everyone else? Is it not better to enjoy a tailor-made experience where you can choose anything among the 35,000 artworks of the Louvre? Art Journey Paris is a private tour specialist and only offers bespoke visits.

Masterpieces of the Louvre - There are 35,000 artworks displayed in the Louvre, so there is a lot more to choose from than the Venus of Milo, Victory of Samothrace, and Mona Lisa! To make sense of the scale of the Louvre museum, another way to express its immensity is that trying to see every artwork on display, one minute at a time would take nearly 3 months... Art Journey Paris prides itself on being able to show you any artwork in the museum, as long as it is requested in advance. And if you do not know what to choose, no worries, we will tailor a discovery of the treasures of the Louvre for you, from famous masterpieces to unexpected hidden wonders.

Wheelchair access - People with disabilities are welcome. The Louvre does loan wheelchairs in exchange for a passport. Please let us know in advance if you need a wheelchair. - Visitors with physical disabilities.

Schedule of the Louvre museum room closures - To be sure the artwork you wish to see is visible, please consult the Schedule of room closure of the Louvre.

Taking photos in the Louvre museum - Photography, without a flash or tripod, is allowed. But keep in mind that photos of all artworks of the museum are available from the fantastic Louvre Museum Collection database.

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