Not only the Louvre is nine miles of corridors, but if one tried to see every work in the museum,
for one minute, 8 hours a day, it would take 80 days !
Instead, to help you choose some of the treasures of the Louvre, as you are welcome to request any particular artist, era or theme that interests you, here are some clues :

With its oldest work of art being 9,000 years old, the Louvre is organised geographically and in chronological order, starting with the two great civilisations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, then till the 19th century, France, Italy, Greece, Rome, Islam, divided in paintings, sculpture and works of art.

With the the treasures of the Louvre we can discover the invention of writing, the first code of Law, the Pharaoh that dared worship a single God, Parthenon marbles, French Kings, crown diamonds, miniature paintings to huge canvases by the greatest painters... to amazing pieces by artists who will forever remain anonymous.
The Louvre is also home of the largest collection of Leonardo da Vinci artworks, with five paintings. Leonardo himself said "a painter is not admirable unless he is universal". The 500th anniversary exhibition of the Louvre is a must see for any art lover, where we would discuss at length Leonardo's talents, the fate of his artworks, why his art was unique.

Many wonders are missed by the hurried visitor and large groups, this is why with our Louvre treasures private tour you will get the chance to discover those hidden treasures, and also choose the ones that interest you the most.
There are plenty of great artists to choose from, Rembrandt to Albrecht Dürer, Botticelli to Caravaggio, Vermeer, de la Tour, Watteau to Géricault and Delacroix...

Alongside unsigned pieces of great quality, precious objects in gold, silver, gemstones and ivory; furniture and decorative arts, are all there to give us a lasting sense of wonder.

For the adventurous, a quiet corner of the Louvre holds masterpieces of Africa, the Pacific ocean, and the Americas. One of the treasures of the Louvre is a moai Easter Island monumental figure.
And for those fascinated by the ancient Egyptian civilisation, we offer something unique, an initiation to hieroglyphs where you get to understand how hieroglyphics works and wonder at the quest for eternity of the Egyptians.

You will feel like meeting ancient Egyptians, named Nefertiabet, Karomama, Nakhti, Eudaimonis, and Pharaohs, including Ramses II, Akhenaten, his son Tutankhamun, to the last Egyptian born ruler, Cleopatra.
A 3,500 years journey through Egyptian antiquity.

Louvre treasures private tour

Louvre treasures private tour

If your curiosity took the better of you and you cannot resist the urge to discover some of the Louvre treasures, then please contact us, and don't hesitate to ask for a particular artist or theme.
To get a chance with our Louvre treasures private tour to discover such an immense museum the tour is about 4 hours.

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