"Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird ?
Why does one love the night, flowers, without trying to understand them ?
But in the case of a painting people have to understand... People who try to explain pictures
are usually barking up the wrong tree." - Picasso

With nearly 300 paintings and 250 sculptures, including Picasso's own art collection, the Picasso Museum is the largest collection of Picassos in the world, housed in one of the grandest hôtel particuliers mansions of Paris's Marais district.

Let's meet one of the great geniuses of art. Being at at the forefront of several artistic revolutions is one thing. But every day, for 75 years, that man set out to do a new work of art. Using paint, cardboard, his children toys, a stone found on the beach, bicycle parts, clay, anything he could lay his hands on. 12 hours before he died, at 91 years of age, he was still creating.

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. - Picasso

A young penniless immigrant who would quickly take Paris by storm, and whose staggering creativity meant he did in one life more works of art than dozens of 'normal' artists... Possibly the only artist in history that is instantly recognised by anyone, worlwide.

With our private Picasso Museum tour we will discuss his work, often in his own words, see each big step of his art production and with his own art collection discover his artistic influences. In particular, his love for Cézanne. And discuss how trying to put labels on his work and explain such an artist is futile...

Picasso Paris private art tour

Picasso museum private tour

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