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Louvre Museum
Private Tour

Richelieu Wing Louvre museum private guided tour

There's more to the Louvre museum than 3 famous artworks in crowded galleries. ​Explore 9 miles of the Louvre with our private tour. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

The Louvre is a 9-mile​ labyrinth showcasing 35,000 artworks. Rather than being baffled by it, wonder at its hidden treasures with a private tour of the Louvre.

Another Kind Of Private Tour Of The Louvre

Uncrowded Near Eastern Antiquities Louvre private tour colossal Lamassus Khorsabad

While a crowd forms in front of the Mona Lisa, miles of the Louvre corridors are often nearly empty. The Lamassu from the Palace of Sargon II courtyard. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

Most visitors experience the Louvre once in their lives. Why squander a lifetime memory following the crowd? And end up drifting, overwhelmed by the immensity of the Louvre?

Rather than doing like everyone else, an Art Journey private tour offers to go beyond the same famous masterpieces everyone sees. There are three wings inside the Louvre, yet most tours only visit the crowded rooms of the museum. We go further to reveal the quiet areas of the museum and the hidden treasures of the Louvre.

In past visitors' own words :

Our Louvre private tour with you was the highlight of our trip. Your tour exceeded all our expectations and your knowledge of the history of the artifacts in the Louvre was impressive.
Your stories made everything come alive for us. You were right, the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo paled in comparison to the treasures you showed us!

Avoid Crowds While Discovering The Hidden Treasures of the Louvre

The Cour Marly Richelieu Wing Louvre Museum Private Guided Tour

For most people, the Louvre is a crowded museum. Venture to the least frequented and sometimes deserted corners of the museum and discover its hidden treasures. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

If it is your first visit to the Louvre, we can, of course, see the highlights, Greek, Italian, and French masterpieces. Keep in mind this is the most visited museum in the world, with up to 10 million visitors per year.

And that the Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, and the Mona Lisa are in the crowded wing of the Louvre. Our private tour will then take you off the beaten path to discover the quieter, relaxing, and air-conditioned areas of the museum.

We navigated corridors, elevators, staircases and wings seamlessly, and if felt as though we had the Louvre to ourselves.

We cannot thank you enough for the magic provided to us on our private tour of the Louvre. We are not big "touristy" people and therefore wanted an experience that would be efficient, fun, and a bit different. We could not have found it more than with you. It was one of the biggest highlights of our trip to Paris.

Why Rush When We Can Enjoy A Relaxing Visit ?

A relaxing private tour with a coffee break in Angelina or Mollien cafe of the Louvre

What about sitting for a relaxing pause during a private visit? There are two cafés, Angelina and café Mollien with a terrace in summer inside the Louvre museum where we can get a coffee break. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

There is a lot more to the Louvre than half a dozen famous masterpieces. In a straight line, its corridors are lengthier than Paris itself! This means that if one wished to see every artwork on display, one minute at a time, it would take nearly 3 months to see everything... How a couple of hours in the Louvre barely scratches the surface.

Art Journey's solution is to take the time, with a private visit lasting half a day. And propose a moment of relaxation during the tour with a coffee break overlooking the pyramid in the museum café. Once refreshed, time flies, and one can fully enjoy the hidden treasures of the Louvre.

We learned so much and it was really enjoyable. I can't believe how much we packed into just a half day with you.

In my previous visits, I had felt overwhelmed by the scale of the museum and was determined to try and avoid the crowds and rushing from 1 "star attraction" to the next. Your expert knowledge helped us gain a glimpse of the 9000 years of treasures on display and inspired us to discover more.

Having Fun With A Conversation Rather Than A Lecture

Apollo Gallery Crown Jewels room of the Louvre museum private guided visit

This isn't Versailles palace, but the Louvre, the Apollo Gallery built for King Louis XIV, today home of the crown jewels. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

Who said that discovering art and history had to be boring? With an Art Journey private tour, the Louvre becomes a time machine where we travel millennia across most of the world. It will be a discussion that enables visitors of all ages to understand what they are looking at rather than a tiresome recitation of facts.

We learned more in that one day than in all the years of art lessons we had. Your passion for history and art is evident as you relate this knowledge in a learned, interesting and fascinating manner.

The ability to understand and appreciate art has eluded me over the years. Thank you for opening up a whole new world to me!

Our tour with you of the Louvre was the best tour we have experienced. It was a wonderful cross-section of the Louvre's treasures, at a terrific pace and with challenging, insightful commentary and probing questions that turned lots of assumptions upside down.

Choose Whatever Artworks You Wish To See

Crowdless empty galleries of the Louvre museum Richelieu wing

One can enjoy masterpieces in the quieter corners of the Louvre. With an Art Journey Paris private tour, you can ask to see any room in the museum. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

Most tours of the Louvre offer an identical set list of masterpieces, all located in the crowded parts of the museum. Instead, this is a genuine tailor-made experience, able to show you any section of the Louvre or any artwork or any topic that you may want to see. Just ask in advance what interests you.

And if you have no particular plan, 35,000 artworks to choose from will make it easy to find something to dazzle you. It could be an initiation to hieroglyphic writing. Discussing what happened in the Louvre during the Second World War. Admiring an Easter Island Moai statue, royal furniture, the coronation sword of the French Kings, a Vermeer, come face to face with Rembrandt, and much more.

With a professional artist in the family we had some reservations about spending so much money for the private tour. We expected little more than the canned tour offered by so many guides. Two of us had visited the Louvre in the past and felt like we knew our way around. Our expectations were low, but we had hopes.

You made our visit both memorable and enjoyable as you guided us effortlessly through the museum even to the point of giving the impression the Louvre was your private museum.

What was truly worth every euro was the quality of the experience. To take a place that would take months to visit, to boil it down into 3 1⁄2 hours, and make you feel like you truly experienced the Louvre is an art!! Our guide was fantastic and simply made the Louvre the highlight of our short time in Paris. You brought art to life!!

A Genuine Private Tour Of The Louvre

Winged Victory of Samothrace Louvre museum private tour

Why lose your way in the world's largest museum when you can have your own private guided visit of the Louvre? The Winged Victory of Samothrace. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

Louvre Museum Private Guided Tour

A private guided visit of the Louvre lasting 4 hours, led by an officially licensed art historian guide.

1 to 2 people - 400 €

3 people - 550 €

4 people - 650 €

5 people - 700 €

Family (two adults, up to 3 children) - 450 €

The fee includes personalized Louvre entrance tickets with a time slot reservation guaranteeing access to the museum.

Please inquire about our privileged, priority access to the Louvre. Not the usual "skip the line" or "VIP" marketing, actual preferential access to the museum.


To book a private guided tour of the Louvre museum, please mention the date of the visit as well as the number of participants, using the form below, thank you.

Practical Information About A Louvre Museum Private Tour

Private tour? Semi-private tour? Skip the line? VIP tour? - Art Journey Paris only does genuine private tours, never so-called 'semi-private' visits or group tours. Because there is a lot of confusion between these labels, please find below a useful guide to the difference :

Private tour - A private tour is only for you, be it one person, a family, or friends up to five persons. For a family of six persons, please inquire. We only give private tours

Semi-private tour - A 'semi-private' tour is a small group tour. Individuals who might want to see different things are grouped together for a one-size-fits-all tour. We never give 'semi-private' tours.

Skip the line - Visitors who have never been to Paris have been told horror stories of hours-long lines to enter the Louvre museum. If one turns up in the most visited museum in the world -up to 10 million visitors per year- without a ticket, then of course there will be a long wait. Priority has always been given to visitors with tickets or accompanied by an official guide with tickets.
Nowadays, the Louvre uses a timed entry system, a "Ticket and time slot booking granting access to the permanent collections and exhibitions" every half-hour. The Louvre explains that "Only tickets purchased online guarantee access to the museum".
As long as one arrives at the time advised by the official guide, the wait is a matter of minutes, the time needed for the security check to get through the x-ray machine for bags. Everyone needs to go through security, this is the norm.

For groups, the Louvre museum proposes another system, via a second entrance door, that is marketed as Skip-the-line or Priority Entry Ticket. While it may mean a slightly faster entry into the museum, group and private tours are vastly different things. Rushing is the theme, as a group tour is about two hours, always the same visit, the same artworks, listening to a commentary on a headset.

On the contrary, a private tour is only for you and takes the time to show you masterpieces that are not shown to groups. A quality private tour lasts twice as long, about four hours. Whenever feasible, we also offer to take a coffee break during the visit, or opportunities to sit down.

​Avoiding crowds in the Louvre - It is unrealistic to expect to have the world's most visited museum all to oneself. Yet, while most visitors converge toward the same famous masterpieces, all located in the same wing, the other two wings of the Louvre remain nearly empty.

After all, the museum stretches across 9 miles of corridors over three separate wings, along 400 rooms and three floors. Having long realized that most foreign visitors only get to visit the Louvre once in their lives, we want to make sure they can experience the quieter corners of the Louvre.​ To walk off the beaten path and enjoy the least visited sections of the museum, allowing you to wonder at the hidden treasures of the Louvre.

Masterpieces of the Louvre - There are 35,000 artworks displayed in the Louvre, so there is a lot more to choose from than the Venus of Milo, Victory of Samothrace, and Mona Lisa! Art Journey Paris prides itself on being able to show you any artwork in the museum, as long as it is requested in advance. And if you do not know what to choose, no worries, we will tailor a discovery of the treasures of the Louvre for you, from famous masterpieces to unexpected hidden wonders.

VIP experience - What does VIP even mean? Does it mean being driven in a luxurious car? What is exclusive in being railroaded onto the same path inside the Louvre as everyone else? Is it not better to enjoy a tailor-made experience where you can choose anything among the 35,000 artworks of the Louvre? Art Journey Paris is a private tour specialist and only offers bespoke visits.
What is exclusive in having the same tour as everyone else? With an intimate experience of the Louvre museum and deep knowledge of all its nooks and crannies, we can deliver a stress-free experience that will be reminisced for a lifetime.

Wheelchair access - People with disabilities are welcome. The Louvre does loan wheelchairs in exchange for a passport. Please let us know in advance if you need a wheelchair. - Visitors with physical disabilities.

Schedule of the Louvre museum room closures - To be sure the artwork you wish to see is visible, please consult the Schedule of room closure of the Louvre. And keep track of the latest events and exhibitions at the Louvre Museum.

Taking photos in the Louvre museum - Photography, without a flash or tripod, is allowed. But keep in mind that photos of all artworks of the museum are available from the fantastic Louvre Museum Collection database.

A relaxing private guided visit of the Louvre museum Richelieu wing

A relaxing private guided visit of the Louvre in the quiet and relaxing corners of the museum. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

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