Why join the crowd when you can have a genuine private tour of the Louvre museum
and discover the hidden treasures of the Louvre ?

It took over 800 years for the Louvre to become the great Museum it is today, so why rush? With your own private party of up to 5 people, our Louvre private tour is tailored for you, your wishes and your rythm.

Don't expect a monotonous lecture, rather imagine a conversation with a friend walking around the Louvre like it was a second home, making you understand why those works are rare and special.

That is why, instead of getting lost in the 9 miles of corridors of the Louvre, or having a tour based on a handful of famous artworks, you will not only discover the highlights but the places where treasures are hidden from the hurried visitor.

To give an idea of the size of the Louvre museum, aiming to see every item displayed in the Louvre for one minute, 8 hours a day would take nearly 3 months! This is why our private tour of the Louvre lasts about 4 hours, to get a chance to discover properly its treasures! And you are welcome to request in advance any particular artist, subject or era you wish to see.

And with our Leonardo da Vinci tour, we will put in practice the master's advice, as "sight is one of the most rapid actions we can perform", but "if you wish to have a sound knowledge" and avoid to "throw away your time", then we need to slow down to "acquire diligence rather than rapidity".

Louvre museum Near Easten Antiquities private guided tours

Louvre museum private tour

To discover the Louvre with a private, officially qualified guide, do not hesitate to contact us for availability.

The Louvre museum can also be discovered at night, with our private evening Louvre tour. For ideas of possible choices visit our Louvre treasures page. For the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition, from 24th of October till the 24th of February; it is essential to request a reservation as early as possible.

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Louvre museum private tour testimonial

...the information that I gleaned from you will be everlasting

I just want to thank you, most sincerely for the superior tour you gave us at the museum. The information that I gleaned from you will be everlasting. As well, your love and appreciation of the masterpieces was tangible. You spent so much time with us without making us feel our ignorance. That is an art in itself.

The Louvre is magnificent and I don't know when I'll return. Such a great memory to take with me because of you. I went to the D'Orsay twice because the art there is my specialty. I wished you were there to discuss the great pieces with me with purity and wonderment.

Linda and Murray; Elaine and Robert

Louvre museum private tour testimonial

You brought art to life!!

When searching reviews and websites for tour options, your site stood out. First your website was very professional and not the standard flashy touristy sites that offer "skip the lines" and everything else. We took this as sign that we were dealing with a professional outfit... and we were not disappointed!!
However, what was truly worth every euro was the quality of the experience. To take a place that would take months to visit, to boil it down into 3 ½ hours (which was all the time we had to spend there), and make you feel like you truly experienced the Louvre is an art!! Our guide was fantastic and simply made the Louvre the highlight of our short time in Paris. You brought art to life!!
Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!

AJ & Melinda

Louvre museum private tour testimonial

...the best tour we have experienced

Our tour with you of the Louvre was the best tour we have experienced. It was a wonderful cross section of the Louvre's treasures, at a terrific pace and with challenging, insightful commentary and probing questions that turned lots of assumptions upside down.

Your name and the tour have been raised in many discussions with friends and we have been recommending you highly. It was an incredible highlight of our trip to Paris.

Europe and Paul

Louvre museum private tour testimonial

...these tours dramatically accelerated our appreciation of art

Thank you again for the wonderful tours of the du Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. My wife and I spent several hours discussing all the things we learned following each of our "adventures" with you. These tours were one of the highlights of our 10 day trip to Paris.

I think, for us, what these tours did was dramatically accelerate our appreciation of art (even though we're in our late 50's), substantially increased our knowledge base, opened up a whole new world of interest in art and gave us a new base line of understanding about how art has evolved over thousands of years and more importantly WHY.

Kenneth and Maryellen

Louvre museum private tour testimonial

...thank you again for such a compelling time at the Louvre

We were so privileged to have you be our guide -to share your deep knowledge of the Louvre, historically significant events, and art-specific information- all made even more fascinating with your great wit and sense of humor!

Seriously, thank you again for such a compelling time at the Louvre. The rest of our trip was wonderful, but the Louvre made the greatest impression... We are very sorry about the tragedy that occurred in Paris shortly after our visit. For those who live there and those of us who visit there -it is a city of fantasy!!

Sandy & Paul, Mike & Joyce

Louvre museum private tour testimonial

...and if felt as though we had the Louvre to ourselves.

I have had the pleasure of visiting the Louvre three times in my past travels to Paris. This time around, four of us arranged a private evening tour with Art Journey and it was a high point of our trip. Our guide studied at the Louvre for three years and he clearly knows it like the back of his hand. We navigated corridors, elevators, stair cases and wings seamlessly, and if felt as though we had the Louvre to ourselves. He not only showed us the highlights (along with our requests to visit old favorites), but he gave us a context for why certain pieces were considered to be significant.

We would highly recommend a private tour of the Louvre with Art Journey Paris.


Louvre museum private tour testimonial

Your tour was, by far, the absolute best tour which we have been on in all of France.

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us at the Louvre. Your tour was, by far, the absolute best tour which we have been on in all of France.

We will, of course, recommend you to all of our friends and associates.

Kim, Colorado Springs