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Louvre museum private guided tour

The Victory of Samothrace. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

There are over 35,000 artworks displayed in the Louvre museum. Why get lost in a labyrinth of 9 miles of corridors? Why join the crowd when you can have a private tour of the Louvre?

A genuine private tour

From one to five persons, the tour is only for you. A private tour means it will be a tailor-made visit, not a one-size-fits-all commentary. It won't be a lecture, but a conversation.
Another reason why it will be a private tour : requests are welcome. If you wish to see a particular painting, the statue of a Pharaoh, a royal sword, or a diamond, just ask.

A five millennia journey

The Louvre is one of those rare places where one can travel through millennia of civilization across the ancient world. A 9 miles labyrinth of corridors where from one room to the next we feel like being aboard a time machine, wondering at ancient marvels. There are two benefits to this journey; avoiding the crowds and discovering the hidden treasures of the Louvre.

And if you are interested in the ancient Egyptian civilization, we have a unique tour of Ancient Egypt in the Louvre with an introduction to hieroglyphic writing.

Before being the most visited museum in the world, the Louvre was a medieval castle, then a Royal palace. We can discuss its 800 years of history, from medieval times to a foretaste of Versailles palace, and then Ieoh Ming Pei's pyramid. And have a fascinating discussion on how the Louvre protected its treasures during the second world war.

Apollo Gallery Louvre museum royal gemstone collection private visit with gemmologist expert

The Galerie d'Apollon, built for King Louis XIV, today home of the crown jewels. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

Private guided tour of the Louvre museum

  • € 100 per person

  • Private tour for up to 5 persons.
  • Entrance tickets are extra; the minimun fee for the tour is € 200.
  • The tour lasts up to half a day.

To discover the Louvre with an officially certified guide, do not hesitate to contact us for availability.

Private tour? Semi-private tour? Skip the line? VIP tour?

Private tour - A private tour is only for you, be it one person, a family, or friends up to five persons.

Semi-private tour - A 'semi-private' tour is a small group tour. Individuals who might want to see different things are grouped together for a one-size-fits-all tour.

Skip the line - 'Skip the line' has long been a marketing term. All it takes to skip the line is to have an entrance ticket or reservation, there is no magic involved. Knowing how to enter a museum is the minimum one can expect from a guided tour. And these days, everyone needs to reserve Louvre tickets online, even those with free entrance.

VIP tour - Shouldn't everyone be treated like a VIP? For most visitors, a visit means the only occasion in their lives they get to enjoy one of the greatest museums in the world. Trying to know people and to show them things relevant to their interests should not be a big deal.
VIP treatment doesn't mean walking on a red carpet. It is being treated the way we would like to be if the roles were reversed. It means receiving advice on the best times to visit, how to avoid crowds, and the ideal duration of a tour. Being offered to see things you might not be aware of but are worth seeing. You're on holiday, and we are trying to show you some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world.

Special requests - Art Journey Paris only ever gives genuine private tours, not 'semi-private' or group tours.

We welcome requests to see a particular artwork, artist or civilization. The only thing we ask is to be told in advance. First, because the particular room might be closed, and we need to confirm ahead of time if it will be opened for the day of your visit. Second because if you have an unusual demand we will prepare for it and need time to do so.

Private guided tour to avoid the Louvre crowds

The staircase of the Denon wing of the Louvre, leading to the Victory of Samothrace and the Italian and French masterpieces. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

How to avoid crowds

The Louvre is daunting, a labyrinth of 9 miles of corridors, stairs, and lifts, on three wings and three floors. Over 35,000 artworks are on display. In other words, if one was to try to see each of them for one minute, it would take two and a half months, 8 hours a day…

It is the most visited museum in the world with up to 10 million visitors per year. At the height of the touristic season up to 30,000 people converge towards the same famous masterpieces. All three, the Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, and the Mona Lisa are in the same wing. Visitors crowd into that wing, mostly avoiding the other two.

Most tours last two hours, enough to see these famous masterpieces. This is where it is simple to avoid crowds, stay longer. Start by visiting the crowded wing, and then go to the other two.

In our experience, half a day, about four hours, with the possibility of a coffee break in one of the two cafés inside the museum is the ideal way to escape the crowds. First, we discover the same Louvre every visitor sees, the Greek, Italian and French masterpieces. Then we can escape the crowds, and discover the hidden gems of the Louvre.

Time flies when having a good time, as this won't be a one-way lecture, but a conversation. A stroll through time and civilizations, helping you understand what you see. To get a sense of the advantages of a half-day private tour of the Louvre, here are some reviews:

We navigated corridors, elevators, staircases and wings seamlessly, and it felt as though we had the Louvre to ourselves.

Your incredible knowledge of the Louvre and its treasures, combined with your ability to navigate through the exhibits efficiently, made our 4-hour tour perfect.

We had asked for a crash course of art history, and thank goodness our legs were up for it. You've created a new type of tour – the "art fitness" tour.

We loved how you took us on a journey and told us a story, and we learned an incredible amount that will stay with us forever.

You made our visit both memorable and enjoyable as you guided us effortlessly through the museum even to the point of giving the impression the Louvre was your private museum.

Another method to avoid the crowds is to visit the Louvre in the evening.

Relaxing private guided tour of the Louvre museum without crowds

The Richelieu wing of the Louvre, opened in 1993, is one of the most relaxing areas of the museum. Photo © Art Journey Paris.

Louvre Museum Entrance Tickets

Louvre tickets - Entrance is free for children up to 18 years of age, and European young adults up to 26-year-old. Whatever the age and situation everyone now needs an online ticket reservation. - We recommend to only use the official Louvre website : official Louvre online sales site .

Paris Museum Pass - Highly recommended if you intend to visit several museums and monuments over a few days. Please note it is possible to reserve a timed ticket for free on the Louvre ticket website on the condition the Pass will be shown on the day of the visit. - Paris Museum Pass website.

Paris Tourist Office - Art Journey is a member Paris' Convention and Visitors Bureau, and both at the office and online you can get the Paris Museum Pass or the Paris Passlib, the Passlib Paris Official City Pass (Museum Pass + a cruise on the Seine + public transport).

Wheelchair access - People with disabilities are welcome. Disabled visitors and the person accompanying them will get free entry. The museum can also loan a wheelchair in exchange for a passport. Please let us know in advance if you need a wheelchair. - Visitors with physical disabilities.

Assyrian lamassu Khorsabad Louvre Antiquity private guided visit of the Louvre museum

The Richelieu wing also is home to the Near Eastern Antiquities Department of the Louvre, where one discovers many treasures, among them the Khorsabad courtyard. Photo © Art Journey Paris.


To inquire about a private tour, please mention the date of the visit as well as the number of participants, using the form below, thank you.

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