Why join the crowd when you can have a private tour of the castle of Versailles
and talk about Kings and Revolutions while strolling through its immense gardens ?

Versailles castle is such an immense and unique jewel, that instead of rushing, we should take the time to discover the scale and variety of such a vast site.
A monumental gilded palace where the French nobility, who had rebelled against the King when he was a child, was tamed and dazzled by the magnificence of Louis XIV's display of power.

The gardens are a crucial and impressive part of Versailles, and not to be missed. It will be like wandering inside an open air work of art, discovering sculpted fountains, and imagining the efforts and cost needed to build them. This visit will forever give you another meaning to the word garden...

From gilded ceilings and marble interiors to stunning gardens, fountains and a village built so a Queen could play being a milk maid, you will be dazzled by our Versailles private tour.

Then we will discover two smaller mansions, the Grand Trianon, where Louis XIV could retire from life at Court, one for Louis XV's favorite mistress, the Petit Trianon, where later Marie Antoinette lived, and had built a farm village where she could play being a milk maid...
Not such a good idea when a Revolution was brewing, and real farmers were struggling. America was at the same time successful with its own Revolution, we will talk about the links between the two.
The hameau de la Reine Marie Antoinette still is a charming village and one of the highlights of a visit of Versailles palace.

As licensed guides we do have the credentials to obtain a reservation time for the castle, meaning there is no need to worry about queues, on top of the fact that the visit is timed to get around the crowds.
Furthermore we do also have the accreditation to visit, subject to an additional fee, the smaller private apartments of Louis XV and Louis XVI, the Chapel or the Opera.

A great complement of a visit of Versailles castle is a private visit of the Louvre to admire the Apollo Gallery, a prototype of Versailles Hall of mirrors, the private art collection of Louis XIV, as well as furniture and objects owned by Marie Antoinette.

Versailles palace private apartments guided tour

Versailles castle private tour

Tour is for most of the day : castle of Versailles and gardens, Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette's village.
Entrance tickets are extra. With privileged access to the castle thanks to a reservation time for the castle.

Private Apartments visits can be organised upon request and are subject to an additional fee.

Versailles fountains shows only on week ends from 31st March till 31st of October.

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